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Behind the Scenes: Neve Apparel’s Test Fitting

As Black Friday 2020 approaches, Neve Apparel’s fashion and design team have been working hard to get all the finishing touches done to our innovative ski leggings. Did we mention our leggings are completely waterproof? Neve Apparel has been perfecting a waistband that ensures snow won’t penetrate the pants during intense activities.

Not only are Neve Apparels form fitting leggings functional, valuable in harsh winter conditions, and perfect for the year-round outdoor fitness gurus, they are sit-in-snow waterproof women's ski leggings.

Neve Apparel’s ski pant leggings keep snow out and are meant to be tucked into ski or snowboarding boots. If you have always wanted to ditch the oversized, or less-then form fitting ski bottoms, you have found your match.

So what happened behind the scenes at our second test fitting? Neve Apparel's founding designer, Hannah Blurton, answered some questions about the design process and the technology behind our thermal ski leggings.


What was added to the design for the second sample fitting?

HB: Throughout the second fitting, I worked with the manufacturer to fine-tune our "double duty waistband." This double waistband is designed to be moisture-wicking, smooth, breathable, durable and functional (i.e. keeping snow out and one's shirt tucked in).

Originally (the first sample), the interior waistband layer was designed to be composed of two water-proof and ultra-smooth layers of pleather, that sandwiches power-mesh for extreme tightness with comfort hidden by the exterior waistband.

The exterior waistband layer is composed of a single bonded neoprene layer, with a top rubberized edge, encasing a bungee cord that pulls from center-back.

This rubberized edge is chain-stitched for stretch leniency, anti-slip and overtops the under

waistband layer, tightening at the center-back where it's easiest for snow to enter into the pant gape due to extreme movement. The folded pleather connecting both waistbands allows for the shirt to be tucked in, also creating additional security for keeping the inside of the legging dry, soft and warm.

On top of this, the seams of the outer waistband is blind-stitched and the pleather is water-

resistant, so snow won't trickle in. This double waistband technique holds everything together when things heat up on the inside and cool down on the outside. It is designed to stay put during rigorous physical activity, as this legging is built with a wide contoured waistband engineered for heavy and extended use.

What has changed from the original women's ski legging design?

HB: Upon prototype review and fittings, we decided to compose the final interior waistband with a single layer of neoprene against the body; clean-finished to a single layer of pleather.

This neoprene is non-slip and secured with the perfect amount of stretch and flexibility.

The bottom waistband edge connects to the exterior waistband, which in turn creates a fold for the shirt to remain intact and tightly tucked.

How would you explain your design process?

HB: My design process is a compilation of observing the target market in real time, shopping the market to analyze competitors and researching the latest runway to see how trends can translate into the innovation of my next collection. Whether it's pulling trend reports from WGSN or Fashion Snoops, finding color inspiration from nature, or identifying what is popular on social media,

I am always anticipating how what I visualize can be conceptualized for future designs.

I take pride in my ability to think creatively whilst problem solving, it's what I do best.

Which pair of Neve leggings is your personal favorite?

HB: Silver because it's bold and beautiful!

The metallic allows the sun to reflect perfectly in the sun, allowing everyone on the slopes to spot your actions. Not only do you stand out, you potentially prevent collisions wearing our product.

Plus, the color trend translates from day tonight. You can not go wrong!

A look inside the fitting room, perfecting every detail of Neve Apparel’s 4-way

stretch waterproof and windproof snow leggings. Kim, founder of Neve Apparel,

is pictured in the silver, medium weight women's ski leggings. Hannah, Neve

Apparel’s founding designer, is pictured in the gold, lightweight ski leggings. The

Neve Apparel team is finalizing every detail to ensure our pants give our

customers the highest quality products.

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